Earthing The Earth is electrical! Lightning strikes the Earth more than 6000 times every minute, pumping energy into the ground. Your body is also electrical. Your heart only beats because […]

Earthing 101 with Video

Our First Summer with Backyard Chickens : what we did right & what we did wrong   I have always been an over-planner.  I had read a dozen chicken books, […]

Our First Summer With Backyard Chickens

6 natural ways to induce labor when you're full term
You’re full term.  Yay! Now you’re totally over being pregnant and you’re ready to just do this thing. I’ve been there.  A quick search on How to Induce Labor will […]

6 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

6 hour labor - what to do while pregant to shorten your labor
My Tricks for An Incredibly Short Labor I had an incredibly short labor!  I spent my whole pregnancy mentally preparing for the ‘typical first labor’ – 18 hours or more!  […]

My Natural Tricks for a Short Labor

We are starting our Homestead! Next month we are moving across town!  We will have an acre on land & will get to start working towards a self-sustainable urban homestead. […]

New YouTube Channel & Big News

Henna Hair Dye – How & Why I Tried It I FINALLY tried henna hair dye & I’m never looking back! (& check out my full video below) When we decided to start […]

Henna Hair Dye 101

Natural, Crunchy & Organic Gifts for Kids and Babies Shopping organic and natural for kids doesn’t have to be hard!  Avoiding plastic is possible! This list is not sponsored! No […]

Natural & Crunchy Gift Guide for Kids

sprouted banana bread
Sprouted Banana Bread Easy homemade banana bread with healthy sprouted grains that is so yummy even kids will love it! I don’t bake much. We have a local bakery that […]

Delicious Sprouted Banana Bread

healthy halloween recipies
Healthy & Delicious Halloween Want some yummy healthy Halloween recipes & party foods that feel indulgent but are nutritious, whole & natural foods (and super easy)? Well here you go!! […]

Healthy & Delicious Halloween