5 Reasons You Need A Dehydrator A dehydrator may not sound like a necessary appliance, but I beg to differ. I love mine and use it often!  If you’re trying […]

5 Reasons You Need a Dehydrator

My Natual Birth Story
My Wonderful Intense Drug-Free Birth 23 months ago I gave birth to my amazing daughter and as my due date for baby #2 approaches, I’ve been thinking about that labor and […]

My Natural Birth Story

Chiropractic care
Chiropractic 101 – Is it for you? Have you thought about seeing a Chiropractor, or thought about finding a family Chiropractic Physician, but not sure if you should? Let’s chat! […]

Chiropractic 101 – Is it for you?

Earthing The Earth is electrical! Lightning strikes the Earth more than 6000 times every minute, pumping energy into the ground. Your body is also electrical. Your heart only beats because […]

Earthing 101 with Video

Our First Summer with Backyard Chickens : what we did right & what we did wrong   I have always been an over-planner.  I had read a dozen chicken books, […]

Our First Summer With Backyard Chickens

6 natural ways to induce labor when you're full term
You’re full term.  Yay! Now you’re totally over being pregnant and you’re ready to just do this thing. I’ve been there.  A quick search on How to Induce Labor will […]

6 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

6 hour labor - what to do while pregant to shorten your labor
My Tricks for An Incredibly Short Labor I had an incredibly short labor!  I spent my whole pregnancy mentally preparing for the ‘typical first labor’ – 18 hours or more!  […]

My Natural Tricks for a Short Labor

We are starting our Homestead! Next month we are moving across town!  We will have an acre on land & will get to start working towards a self-sustainable urban homestead. […]

New YouTube Channel & Big News

Henna Hair Dye – How & Why I Tried It I FINALLY tried henna hair dye & I’m never looking back! (& check out my full video below) When we decided to start […]

Henna Hair Dye 101

Natural, Crunchy & Organic Gifts for Kids and Babies Shopping organic and natural for kids doesn’t have to be hard!  Avoiding plastic is possible! This list is not sponsored! No […]

Natural & Crunchy Gift Guide for Kids

sprouted banana bread
Sprouted Banana Bread Easy homemade banana bread with healthy sprouted grains that is so yummy even kids will love it! I don’t bake much. We have a local bakery that […]

Delicious Sprouted Banana Bread

healthy halloween recipies
Healthy & Delicious Halloween Want some yummy healthy Halloween recipes & party foods that feel indulgent but are nutritious, whole & natural foods (and super easy)? Well here you go!! […]

Healthy & Delicious Halloween