Natural & Crunchy Gift Guide for Kids

Natural, Crunchy & Organic

Gifts for Kids and Babies

Shopping organic and natural for kids doesn’t have to be hard!  Avoiding plastic is possible!

This list is not sponsored! No one asked me to review or discuss their products and I did not receive anything free.  I link to Amazon where possible because I can receive a small percentage if you purchase through them to help support this blog.  That’s it!

It’s the Holiday Season and everyone wants your little one’s Christmas list!  Now you’re wondering what to ask for that doesn’t need 6 batteries or come from a plastics factory in China….
Don’t worry!  There are lots of options.
Here’s my go-to list (and what we’re asking for) this year for the holidays.

natural art supplies

Chemical Free Creations

There are lots of great options for chemical-free art supplies for little hands (and mouths).  Here are some of my favorites.

Eco-Kids Non-Toxic Finger Paint

Eco-Kids Natural Dough

Natural Beeswax Crayons

Melissa & Doug Standing Easel


Mommy and me classes save my sanity!  I can get out of the house and Munchkin LOVES to play, dance and watch other babies.

Gymboree Classes
Gymboree gift certificates can be purchased online! Perfect gift from Grandparents (which is what I told my in-laws).   I have a very active little one so now that it’s getting chilly the park won’t be an option.  So this is a must!

Swimming Lessons
You may know from previous posts, I taught water safety and toddler swim lessons for several years.  I am a huge believer in starting kids in water young – they have less fear, are easier to teach and become independent (and safe) early.  Winter into early Spring is the BEST time to start lessons.  Classes are less full and once that warm weather hits you will be ready to go!

Music Classes
We’re currently in a music based mommy and me that Munchkin LOVES.  She bangs the drums and claps and has even started to try to sing (it’s a half hum-half ‘ahhhhh’ noise).  There are dozens of these types of classes in our area.  Googling Mommy and Me Music + your city should do it.

This is the ultimate gift for Mom and Baby!  Many yoga studios offer kids yoga or Bring Your Baby classes. 


Non-Plastic Toys

Everything is plastic for kids!  This kills me.  Not only is the actual plastic bad (leaching out and off-gassing chemicals when touched and chewed) but it’s bad for the planet.  There are lots of ways to avoid chemicals and still have fun!

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

Natural wood with plant-based dyes.  I found one of their activity cubes at a consignment sale (YAY) then checked out the company.  We have one of these and she’s loves it!

EverEarth Wooden Trike

I wish Munchkin was old enough for this.  We’re not quite there but when the time come THIS is what we will get!  It’s so cute, unisex, and not plastic (except the rugged terrain wheels which are recycled).  

Representational Play

Representational play (when kids mimic talking on a phone or stirring a pot) is how kids learn.   It helps them organize and understand the world.  Toys don’t have to recite  ABC’s or make animal noises for them to learn.  Just let them play!

Teamson Natural Wood Kitchen

wood kitchen playsetWe just got a little kitchen for Munckin and she LOVES it!  She bangs her pots and pans around the stove, opens and closes (and opens and closes) the oven, and laughs when she turns the knobs.  I’m typing right now because she’s happily moving things around her kitchen.
Teamson has a bunch of options for wood playsets.  Check out the Retro Kitchen with Fridge & Dishwasher or  Large Red 2 Piece Kitchen

 Melissa & Doug Pots & Pans Playset

potsThey’re stainless steel! As you can see, my Munchkin was a little too interested in mommy’s pots when we got baby-sized pots it was a BIG hit in our household!  She bangs them together and marches through the house, puts them into and pull them out of the play oven (over and over again) and has started putting them on the play stove and knocking them all off.  It’s a riot.


LoveTree Canvas TeePeeteepee

Whimsical and beautiful gift to encourage playtime and imagination.  I just love this – it’s unisex, easily blends into a kid’s room or family area and it’s just super cool.


play workbenchEverEarth Carpenter’s Bench

Much more interactive than a typical playset – nuts and bolts, twisting, sorting, and more.  This looks like fun set! You can get a smaller table-top workbench too that’s extremely budget friendly!  And my favortie part – natural wood with plant-based dyes.


Melissa & Doug Multilevel Wooden Dollhousewooden dollhouse

A perfect classic dollhouse without the crazy bells and whistles!  Dollhouses don’t all need working lights and flushing toilets – kids can use their imaginations!


 Melissa & Doug Wooden 60 Piece Block Set

wooden blocksUnpainted wood blocks in lots of shapes to stack, knock down and create fantastic worlds!





Reading is amazing for many reasons.  Early ready with parents is one the biggest indicators of later success independently reading.   There’s also a lot of research suggesting that when babies hear more words daily (20-30,000), they have faster language development and higher overall intelligence.
So read! And while you’re at it, read things that matter!
Here’s some titles I love:

Curious Garden – one boy’s quest for a greener world
The Giving Tree – the classic by Shel Silverstein
The Lorax – another classic from Dr. Seuss
A Seed is Sleepy – beautiful book is a series about natural
The EARTH Book –  your baby’s first book about their world

Sandra Boyton Books – These are my favorites before bed for babies!  We have 7!  I can recite them all from memory.
These are Munchkin’s top picks.


What other gift ideas has your crunchy kid loved? Comment below!


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