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Crunchy Gift Guide – Your Natural & Organic Wish List

The Crunchy Gift Guide

Your Natural & Organic Wish List


Are you trying to figure out what to ask your in-laws for that you’ll actually use?  Have a hippie on your list and have no idea what they could possibly want?  Here’s my list of my favorite crunchy stuff that I use and what have on my list this year.

* I DO NOT get paid for my opinion!  No one has asked me to review or discuss any product on this site.  I may link to amazon when possible –  if you purchase something from those links I may receive a small percent of the transaction to help support this site.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

These ionize the air, trapping odor and toxins.  I use mine during Munchkin’s naps and as a reading light. It’s a beautiful glow for nighttime reading and has no blue light to mess with your melatonin.  I recently discovered they make wall plug Himalayan Salt nightlights.  That might be my next purchase.



Give a couple of classes of yoga, barre or Pilates!   I am terrible at yoga, despite 20+ years of having a serious yogi for a mom. But when I was pregnant I got back into it since I couldn’t rock climb any more. It was a great stress-reducer and helped with my pregnancy aches and pains. Now when I get the chance I’m going to “Bring Your Baby Yoga” at the same place.   Everybody say “Ooooohmmm”.


Earthing Products

These are on my Wish List this year.  For millennia, direct contact with bare earth has been used to heal the body, increase rest and reduce stress.
Earthing Mats electrically grounds you through contact with your feet.  You can use them watching TV, sitting at the computer or doing yoga.  Athletes often use Earthing Sheets to revitalize while they sleep.  It’s supposed to be the best sleep you’ve ever had! 


Bone Broth Delivery

Our butcher makes beautiful organic chicken bone broth.  If you’re not that lucky there are some awesome delivery options.  My to-go is Bare Bone Broth.  It’s so yummy.  The Tomato & Spice Beef Broth is my favorite cold-weather treat.  I drink it straight.   Plus their costumer service is awesome (I called once and a lady in the kitchen picked up).
I’ve heard great things about The Brothery, though I haven’t tried it yet.  They ship frozen as well and they ship in smaller quantities (Bare Bones ships 6 packs or more).  Several people I know and trust love them.


Yogurt Maker

I don’t typically get into weird kitchen appliances but I am a big fan of cultured and fermented foods so I think this is pretty cool.  It’s also the easiest (and probably cheapest) fermented food to get into.

CSA Membership (Community Supported Agriculture)

Contact your local CSA about gifting a season of produce!   If you don’t know which farms in your area offer these, organizations like can help you find farms in your area that either delivery or set up pick up times for bushels of veggies, fruits, dairy and even meats.


Oh I wish.  I drink enough that I should make my own.  But a good set up will run you +$200, so I haven’t jumped in yet.  If you do want to go big and make your own, head over to Kombucha Kamp They are THE BEST.
They also wrote an awesome book-  The Big Book of Kombucha.  This I do have.  It’s beautiful and has everything you want to know about the history, benefits and brewing of this magical stuff.

Crunchy Stocking Stuffers

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Now I don’t do coffee, so it’d be tea for me, but I understand most people like this stuff.   I’m not going to pretend I know what kind of coffee people like but I do know where to get it.  If you don’t have a good local health food store, Grounds For Change and  Dean’s Beans sell tons of varieties online.


Soap Nuts

Yep. You read that right!  Toss these guys in the wash and presto – clean clothes!  Soap Nuts are dried shells of the soapberry, which contains saponin, a natural detergent.  This cleans like conventional soaps without any chemicals.


Again with the odd kitchen gear, but hear me out.  Organic or sprouted grain pasta is expensive.  Veggie-noodles are a great occasional option for a cheap and healthy Italian meal. This is also an AMAZING way to get kids more excited about veggies!



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