New YouTube Channel & Big News

We are starting our Homestead!

Next month we are moving across town!  We will have an acre on land & will get to start working towards a self-sustainable urban homestead.

I’ve started a YouTube Channel to document our journey, share our victories and failures and teach our homesteading skills.
I will also be adding other crunchy-related videos – let me know if you have an idea for future videos!

Check out our first video here


Things I’ve already learned from making videos –
I HATE watching myself!  I feel ridiculous but I’ve committed to making these so it won’t stop me but editing it was rough.  Honestly I didn’t even watch the whole thing because I was so uncomfortable.  I’m sure it’s fine.
Also I’m terrible with GoPros!  I’ll figure it out.  (update: no I won’t.  I’ll switch to my iphone)

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