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The Earth is electrical! Lightning strikes the Earth more than 6000 times every minute, pumping energy into the ground. Your body is also electrical. Your heart only beats because of an electric charge causing the muscle to twitch, seizures are nothing more than electrical activity gone out of control.

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Ever see those medical drama on TV with beeping machines? An EKG only works because it picks up the voltage your heart is putting off.  Your body holds onto this charge. Think about those winter days in thick socks when you are afraid to touch doorknobs. Zap!

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What is Earthing & Grounding?
The Science

Your body holds on to it’s electrical charge simply because it has nowhere to go. Our indoor electricity-heavy environment continually produced positive electrons, which your body also holds onto. Prior to moving inside homes with concrete foundations and sleeping on raised beds, humans spent nearly every moment touching the ground.

The Earth is slightly negatively charged, meaning when we touch it, it naturally attracts the positive electrons stuck in our body and pulls them out.
So why is this important? Positive free electrons cause oxidation. Every heard of those nasty “free radicals?” Yep – positive electrons that cause inflammation and damage.
Things got worse in the 1960’s. We created plastics, which insolate us from the ground, and we put the plastic into our shoes. No more natural leather soles, which allowed for electrons to pass through.

And our feet are VERY important to Earthing. The ball of the foot (specifically the acupuncture point Kidney 7) is the main meridian pathway to whole body. Basically, it’s the most open point to your body and it connects to everything important. It’s a direct line to your heart.

We’re perfectly designed to discharge our energy!

Your home is wired to 60 hrtz. That’s a LOT of voltage pumping through your walls, all day (even when the lights are off). You have dozens of sources of electricity in your home.
Here’s just a few
• Wires in walls
• Smart meters (just about the worst offender)
• Microwaves
• Lamps/TV
• WIFI & cell phones

Every heard of a “Grounded” circuit?
Most homes are wired into the ground to discharge extra energy and stop circuits from overloading. Unfortunately this does nothing to lessen the amount of energy you are exposed to. Often, when plumbers install water pipes in your home they ground them to be negatively charged. Why you ask? This STOPS them from rusting! Rust is the oxidation of metal. If a positive charge can do that to metal, what is it doing to you?


Why Being Neutral (Not Charged) Is Important

Studies have shown that reducing the charge of your body has significantly reduces levels of cortisol, reduces inflammation, improves blood clotting and oxygenation and even decreases insomnia. Patients report reduced anxiety, increased stamina and faster workout recovery.
The best resource for the science and medical studies on earthing is Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever by Clint Ober & Dr Stephan Sinatra. (The name is a bit much but it’s fabulous!)


So How Do You Earth?


Touch the ground! Ok let’s get more specific. Water greatly increases electrical conductivity. So damp ground or damp feet is important. Not that you won’t get the benefits in the desert, but it takes longer. The very best scenario is actually that old stereotypical relaxation exercise of walking barefoot on the beach. Sea water, being wet, full of salt and as connected to the depths of the earth as you can be is the most ‘grounded’ substance you can find. Getting your feet on sand (or dunking your whole body in the ocean) will balance you out in no time.


What About Winters and Land Locked Areas?
You’re not out of luck. If you don’t want to go on a walk in the snow barefoot there are several natural soled shoes & Earthing shoe Earth Runners earthing shoesoptions available.  My go-to is my Earth Runners– Link goes right to their site. They have a copper disk embedded into the shoe that is conductive and lets you get grounded while protecting your feet. I like them because they are more affordable and way more durable than most pure-natural leather shoe. Leather moccasins get dirty pretty much immediately and I haven’t really found any that I love. Check out the video for more info  & to see my shoes!

What About Inside?
Get Earthing Mats or Earthing Sheets! I have this  awesome mat. And I love it – you can see it up close in the video.  However, your house MUST have grounded outlets to use any Earthing mat or sheet, and our new house is almost 100 years old – so it’s not.  Now I have a big back yard to stand in. And I’m so glad I got the travel mat – I can take it when I travel – it’s amazing for jet lag and travel aches!!

Earthing Sheets like these are my dream.  I haven’t had the chance to try them but I’ve only heard amazing things. Earth while you sleep. Even I can’t stand outside for 9 hours, so this would be really great. In fact, Earthing sheets are gaining popularity with pro-athletes since they help with inflammation and recovery time.

So get outside! Play in the grass! Get grounded!

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