My Natual Birth Story

My Natural Birth Story

My Wonderful Intense Drug-Free Birth

23 months ago I gave birth to my amazing daughter and as my due date for baby #2 approaches, I’ve been thinking about that labor and delivery a lot!

I was so inspired and comforted by unmedicated birth stories during my last pregnancy.  I had no idea what to expect as a first time mom, attempting a natural birth in a world where the vast majority of women get epidurals or C-sections.  I didn’t know if I could do it. So I thought I’d share my natural childbirth success story with you!

Every birth is amazing. And so very different!  You’re not going to have your mom’s birth, or your best friend’s birth.  Ever baby enters in their own way.  If you’re familiar with this site you may already know that I had a FAST labor.  I expected to have a long labor, like most first time moms, but surprise!

I’ve never shared the details – so here’s the whole story – and don’t worry, there’s no graphic images or video.  This is totally safe for work 🙂

My Natural Birth



So that’s it –  I did it and I’m planning to do it again!
If you’re considering or working towards a natural birth, know that you can do it!  And if you have questions or concerns about going natural you know at least one lady you can reach out to – me!

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I’d love to hear about your birth or any fears you have about labor and delivery! Let me know in the comments!

My Natural Birth Story

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4 thoughts on “My Natural Birth Story

  • Anisa

    I had a natural and pain free birth as well. My daughter is 9 months old. She’s my first . Your baby is adorable !! I was nervous about when my water would break and where I’d be at. Also i was nervous about my birth plan going as I wanted . I didn’t want epidural and I stuck out the four hours of labor without it . I hope when I have another baby , that my labor will be smooth and easy going

  • Christine

    Wow, you are a brave woman! I tried to go with a non-medicated hospital birth with my first, but all that changed after I was induced. The pain that came from being induced made me get an epidural for my second and third children. There was no way I was doing that again. Lol.

    • Post author

      Induced births with pitocin are so different! They are so much more intense, I can’t imagine having a natural birth on with full pitocin!