5 Reasons You Need a Dehydrator

5 Reasons You Need A Dehydrator

A dehydrator may not sound like a necessary appliance, but I beg to differ. I love mine and use it often!  If you’re trying to eat healthy it’s essential, especially if you have hungry little munchkins who like to snack running around!

  1. Make Nuts & Seeds Healthier

Nuts and seeds all contain a substance called phytic acid.  It causes that waxiness you may have noticed when you eat them.  This helps to protect the nuts and seeds from degrading before it’s in the perfect place to sprout and grow in nature. This also makes it hard for your body to digest them, holding onto those nutrients you need.  Soaking in warm salty water breaks down the phytic acid and makes them ready to digest.

But you’ll need to dry them after! 12 hours in the dehydrator will dry them out, letting you store them long term (or eat them really fast). I have a whole video about the process on my YouTube .

2. Stop Wasting Extra Produce

I HATE throwing away expensive produce because I didn’t use it in time. We just don’t have the money for that.
Have a random beet left? Have a tiny handful of kale from last week? Grow way too much zucchini to actually eat? Just chop and dehydrate.  Pretty much every fruit, veggie and berry works.

3. Fake Out Your Kids

cinnamon  pear chips

Cinnamon Pear Chips

My daughter has never had a fried potato chip. Not once.  Throw salt & pepper, cayenne, garlic, anything on zucchini chips and I cant tell its not just a chip.  It’s so easy to have a little bag of zucchini chips, beet chips or apple chips in my purse. Munchkin loves them. 


4. Store Food Long Term

Dehydrated veggies, fruits, nuts and jerky last for months just in a jar. Seal and remove the air with a vacuum sealer or O2 removal packs & mylar bags and you can store food for years.
Ever seen those dry soup packs or chili packs at the store? You can grate and dehydrate seasonal veggies and then just add to your liquid for easy Winter soups for just a few cents!

5. Make Super Healthy Snacks Super Cheap

zucchini chips

zucchini slices going in

I was never a snack person until I got pregnant and had to eat little meals all day (thanks heartburn & nausea). And now that I’m a mom, making myself a full meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t always happen. My daughter may be tiny, but she’s never full and I just don’t want to give her empty calories and processed “filler food.”

Organic, grass-fed beef jerky is crazy expensive to buy. Packs of dehydrated berries are 3-4x the price of fresh organic berries (which are already pricey).
Making your own can make a huge difference in the budget.
You can even make your own fruit leathers!  (I haven’t tried this yet but I have a friend who does all the time)

Check out the video for more reasons and to see the process in action!

Here’s my (budget friendly!) dehydrator
Presto Dehydrator

            If you want serious temperature and time control, more space and a more elegant design, the ‘pros’ rave about the Excalibur Dehydrator




5 Reasons You Need a Dehydrator- plus videos! The top 5 reasons you should have one, plus what I love to make, and good budge options!

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