Crunchy Bookshelf

My Crunchy Reading List & Film Guide

Some of my favorite books and movies that helped inform and empower my crunchy journey!


Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

Nourishing traditions book The only ‘diet’ book you’ll ever need.   This book is half ‘what to eat and why’ and half easy to follow cookbook.   Our food system is deeply flawed and our ideas about what is healthy is even more misguided.   I’ve been following the principles this book is based on from the Weston A Price Foundation for years.  I consider this the most important part of my crunchy, healthy lifestyle.
Nourishing Traditions discuss:
Why your body needs old fashioned animal fats & butter is a health food.  How high-cholesterol diets promote good health & saturated fats protect the heart.  How rich sauces help you digest and assimilate your food.  Why grains and legumes need special preparation to provide optimum benefits.  Why high-fiber, lowfat diets can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And how enzyme-enhanced food and beverages that can provide increased energy and vitality. 

Missing Microbes by Martin J Blaser

missingThis book is amazing.  It’s informative without being complicated or throwing medical jargon around.   Without bacteria in our digestive tract we would die.  Having a diverse population of bacteria is essential to life and we are causing serious health problems by wiping out our friends!
Blaser was one of the first to find a link between antibiotic use and issues like asthma, allergies, weight gain, ect…  The book details the findings of his research and how we can help to support our germ friends.


Slow Death By Rubber Duck  

Toxin Toxout   by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith

slow death by rubber duck book These books discuss the chemicals we come into contact with every day and there effect on our bodies.   Both are easy to read and understand and they really helped encourage me to avoid the cheap and convent products Toxin Toxout book that are full of scary stuff.  The authors have good solid science behind them and everything is well researched and documented.  Detoxing is very difficult to do and ever harder to measure and they discuss every method you can think of.


No Impact Man by Collin Beavan

No Impact Man I love this true story of a guy in Manhattan who decided to live for 1 year without waste or power (and make his skeptical wife and baby go along with it).  No lights, no electricity, no waste, no shopping.  It’s as entertaining as it is informative and it shows just how hard it is in our society to live in a Eco-friendly and sustainable way.
no impact man dvdThere is also the documentary version of the same name that follows the Beavan family during their year of no impact.  It’s even funnier than the book.



Fed Up – documentary

Fed Up documentaryThis amazing film will forever change the way you see sugar and how we treat children’s health in this country.  Our food system is actively harming us and no where is that more apparent than in our children.  Fed Up is well researched with good solid science and medicine behind it while still being entertaining.  But you will be more than a little made by the end of it.



The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum

Big Book of KombuchaNo other book has as much information on kombucha!  400 pages of history, science and recipes all about my favorite beverage.  Even if you don’t plan on making your own kombucha this book has soooooo much great information.  If you think you want to make some kombucha, you pretty much have to have this book.  It has absolutely everything you could want to know.  Plus it’s gorgeous.