Have You Gone Crunchy or Crazy?

How To Go Crunchy and Not Crazy

Here are my basic rules for going crunchy and the signs you’re going over the edge…


  • Use Herbal and Alternative Medicine
    Medicine originally come from food and plants.  Start there!
  • Eat Real (Toxin Free) Food 
    Stay organic, local and GMO free whenever possible.  Buy whole unprocessed ingredients.
  •  DIY Your Cleaners
    Vinegar at 5% kills 99.9% of bacteria and you can drink it.  Bleach kills germs and kills you if you drink it.
  •  Use Organic or DIY Beauty Products
    Your skin is your biggest organ.  Stabilizers and fragrances are some of the most carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals out there. Don’t rub them on yourself.
  • Say No To Plastic
    Avoid plastic water bottles, cups, plates and food containers. Avoid plastic toys for kids. “BPA Free” just means it doesn’t have that one compound.  It doesn’t tell you what else it does have.
  • Be OK With Non-Crunchers
    Some people don’t know.  Some people don’t care.  It’s ok.. You’re doing your part for you and your family.  Let that be enough.


  • Going ALL Natural
    Learning to mill your own flour will make a mess and you can’t grow every vegetable you’ll ever want to eat. And everyone deserves commercial ice cream occasionally.
  • Avoiding Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
    DO NOT treat major/ life-threatening illnesses or major trauma without a doctor. Herbs and essential oils do not fix everything. I am not a doctor and unless you are, go see one when you acutely ill or when alternative treatment are not working.
  • Buying ALL Natural 
    If you panic when you realize everything has chemicals that may kill you and try to buy an organic mattress, cork flooring, all ceramic cookery, no VOC paint, all local organic produce, get a cow share for milk, and throw out every personal care product you own you WILL GO BROKE.  Slowly replacing things with better will save your sanity and your bank account.  Re-buying your whole life is not ok.
  • Forcibly Crunching Others
    Refusing to go to dinner with your family because the restaurant “uses oil that will give them all cancer” and telling the women putting on perfumed lotion that it may be contributing to her obvious hormone imbalance is not your job.  It’s mine.  Just let it be mine.