antibiotics and natural alternatives
Antibiotic Overload Antibiotics save lives.   But we have gone germ-killing crazy.  Here’s everything you wanted to know about bacteria, antibiotics & natural alternatives I saw a commercial recently for antibiotic […]

Antibiotics & natural alternatives

breastfeeding research
Follow my blog with Bloglovin New Breastfeeding Research Shows The Power of Milk It’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month!  In honor of the occasion I thought we’d look at some amazing research […]

New Breastfeeding Research Shows The Power of Milk

getting pregnant
Getting Pregnant Timing is everything.  The average healthy couple has a 15-25% chance of conceiving each month.  Let’s increase those odds. You can ONLY get pregnant during the 6 days […]

Getting Yourself Pregnant – Tools and Tricks

baby sleeping. tummy sleeper
Tummy Sleeper Battle – How We Dealt With Our Terrible Sleeper At one point I thought my baby was actually trying to suffocate herself while sleeping. Munchkin spent the first […]

The Tummy Sleeper Battle

get your body ready for conception and preganacy
Preconception  Getting your body ready to get pregnant So you’re going to have a baby….someday.   We had more trouble than I expected getting pregnant.  My (brilliant) husband told me after […]

Getting your body ready to get pregnant

It’s SUMMER!  Pools are officially open for the season and you’re at home (bored) with your little one.  Maybe you are ever one of the lucky ones who’s going to […]

Keeping Baby Safe and Happy Swimming